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Weight : 60 Tablets

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Immunetek is a powerful formula of potent herbal extracts of Giloy(Guduchi), Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Curcumin, Bael, Sheesham, Gudmaar, Arjuna, Hawthorne, Motherwart, Dalchini, Dhania, Pudina, Soy/Dil, . As an anti-oxidant and cardiac tonic, it improves blood circulation and prevents heart problems. It acts as a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and immune modulator. It can be used as an Aphrodisiac and is efficient in treating respiratory disorders, cough and congestion. Immunetek can also be used as a diuretic, anti-diabetic and antacid. 


We have bring you the product that provides your body a protective shield, which in these days has become a necessity. Rejuvenation of your body’s internal system ensures good health along with protection from several ailments. The ingredients in Immunetek help overcome a compromised health system and help maintain optimal levels and optimum secretion through all your glands. Discover the true potential of your body with Immunetek. Supporting all age groups and with just two tablets a day in convenient dosage form is the choice for healthy living.


  • ·         It will help you to have an organized and productive life. It will make you physically fit and keeps several health issues at bay.
  • ·         It would bring you closer to your family. Long and healthy life will help you to spend time with your family and closed ones.
  • ·         It’s a great way to live a stress free life.