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Yovan Hair Oil

Weight : 200 ML

Description :

Massaging hair roots with oil boosts the hair growth also helps in supplying the essential elements to the hair roots and scalp. Keeping oil massaged overnight will help in the absorption of oil. Everyone wants from hair oil for nourishment of their hair, which is provided by oil. Hair oil balances the ph level of the scalp. Lack of hair care and to much of tension is the basic reason of hair fall. Easy way to get rid from hair fall and other hair problem is just oil your hair. Oiling regularly is the best treatment of all hair problems such as hair loss, split ends, frizz, thinning, greying of hair and dullness of hair. Keeping in mind, different hair problems Space Organics has also manufactured hair oil named YOVAN HAIR OIL. With this hair oil we have tried our best to solve almost each & every hair related problems such as hair growth, prevent bacterial & fungal infection. Also regular use of YOVAN HAIR OIL helps in relaxing mind & body strengthens hair protein, shine and lustre also helps in preventing dandruff. We have done lots of calculation & research work for costing. Our main focus was to provide benefits of YOVAN HAIR OIL to every single person either rich or poor. We did lots of research work & then selected the best herbs for manufacturing YOVAN HAIR OIL. Gentle massage of this hair oil improves the blood circulation of scalp also moisturizes the scalp. Yovan hair oil works on sebaceous glands to promote new hair growth. Our product is Paraffin Free.

soft, glosy and black hair, healthy strong root , effective in hair fall. Improves scalp blood circulation, provide nourishment, strengthens hair roots, eliminates hair loss, removes dandruff.