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Respiglen Cough Syrup - 100ml

Weight : 100 ml

Description :

No more disturbance at your work out of cough, using turent cough syrup.

Change of weather is the main cause for the cough and cold. Now a day’s most of the people prefer use of ayurvedic cough syrups because it is safe with no side effects also it increases immunity of a person. Turent cough syrup is one of such ayurvedic cough syrup, which has no alcoholic effrcts. Use of turent cough syrup does not give drowsiness in the person.

Benefits: -

·         Turent cough syrup is prepared by using different herbs which has their own benefits on body.It helps in improving immunity of the body.

·         We have used mulathi and bahera in TURENT COUGH SYRUP. Thus this cough syrup acts as a fighter agents the virus and protect our body from agents of virus, bacteria. Also helps in improving and building immunity.

·         We are not using sugar to give sweet flavour to this cough syrup. Else we are using herbs to give natural sweet flavour. Thus TURENT COUGH SYRUP can be easily used by any diabetic patient.

·         Turent cough syrup has tulshi in it. Thus TURENT COUGH SYRUP is very efficient in throat infection during cough.