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Amla Plus

Weight : 500 ML

Description :

Amla is one of the best herbs given to us by nature. It is a gift of god in nature. Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which helps in improving immunity, metabolism, also prevent from vital and bacterial ailments including cough and cold. Amla plus is a juice which has Amla as its core ingredients but it also contains Tulsi and Saunth which protect our body form viral cough and cold. Space Amla plush is a juice with no sugar in it. Thus can be used by any diabetic. We are using plastic dark colour bottles which protect juice from any damage due packaging and dispatch of the product. We have tried our best to provide this in a very economical so that each one can utilize its benefits.

  • Helps in building immunity of body.
  • Use of Tulsi in this helps in curing skin as well helps in relieving from cold, cough, and flu and chest congestion.
  • Amla balance all the process in the body whether its digestion, respiration, protection of liver, gastric etc.
  • Regular use of Amla plus strengthens the lungs, nourishes the brain and mental functioning, balances stomach acids etc.