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Karela Jamun Gular Plus

Weight : 500 ML

Description :

Karela Jamun Gular Plus:

Karela Jamun Gular plus is mainly manufactured for the diabetic patient. For the best result to control sugar level use our one more product Diabago. Helps in curing from intestinal worms, skin disease, wounds and acts as blood purifier.

 Our basic aim is to satisfy our customer by every means. Keeping that in mind we always concentrate on each and every things starting from composition, packing, costing and dispatching product from manufacturer to the customer. We have used plastic coned shaped dark colour bottle so that it can be easily carried and also looks attractive. Use of dark colour does not allow light to pass through thus helps in protecting juice from harmful rays. We have tried our best to keep our product economical so that it can be consumed by each and every individual.

Benefits of Karela Jamun Gular plus

Karela is used in this juice which purifies blood, thus helps diabetic patients.

Jamun is used in this juice. This is very good remedy for the people suffering from diabetes because of its anti-diabetic properties. This helps in keeping blood sugar level under control by converting sugar into energy.

This juice is beneficial in curing intestinal worm.

This juice also helps in healing wonds, improves skin tone and complexion. Cleanses and disinfect wounds. Relieves burning sensation in eyes etc. Useful for the petients with fainting disorder.