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Diabogo Capsule

Weight : 60 Capsules

Description :

There is a lot more ayurvedic medicines available in the market which is good in one way or the other to control blood sugar level. Diabago capsules are one of them packed with the natural ingredients.

Diabago Capsules is a compound of fifteen different herbs which together maintain blood sugar level. It assists in maintaining the sugar level and prevents the growth of the diabetes. Our anti - diabetic capsules do not produce any kind of harmful and toxic effect on the body.

For best result it is recommended that also use our Karela Jamun Gular Plus juice. We have use very small and easily carry away bottles with airtight leads. This helps to carry away your capsules were ever you go.

We have managed costing in such a way that it could be in budget. So that it can be consumed by maximum people.

  • Diabago used to regulate glucose levels, boost insulin levels, prevent sugar cravings and promote whole-body cleansing.
  • Diabago helps to prevent high blood pressure.
  • Controls blood sugar levels of diabetics.
  • It regulates glucose metabolism & stimulating liver activities.
  • Helps to improve immunity.