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Mega-BM Syrup

Weight : 200 ml

Description :

In general, machine does not work properly if it is not being used similarly brain also does not work if we do not utilize our brain. Human being use only 10%, a very small portion of their brain to do their work.  So we should always keep our brain active. Today life style needs a fast and sharp brain to sustain. Mega BM is a tonic which helps in regulates brain power. Make brain stronger, healthier and sharper.

We know everyone today is living a very stressful life with lots of work pressure. They do not take proper rest. Body and brain do not get proper rest which results in mental and psychological problem. Mega BM is a syrup which helps in relaxing brain.

  • It relaxes the mind from stress and anxiety
  • It enhances the brain activity and thinking power
  • It keeps the mind stable and strong
  • Makes the mind sharp