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Orthosafe Capsule

Weight : 500 mg

Description :


It is an herbal formulation which provides extra calcium to body, which helps in bone healing process. There are many reasons which cause bone fracture. It may occur by falling from heights, during major accident from vehicles, direct blow of any bone from hard objects, continuous running for longer periods of time in athletes may cause stress fracture in small bones of foot such as ankle, tibia, fibula etc or it may cause by diseases such as diabetes which produces osteoporosis and weakness of the bones.  

                                      As we all know that our bones are made by calcium. Thus to make our bones strong, our body requires good amount of calcium. Orthosafe provides extra calcium to bone to heal fracture faster and to provide all the nutrients required for healing.


·         It is very effective in strengthening the bones and joints.

·         Sahjan extracts are used in this capsules which is good source of vitamins and calcium. Thus used to provide nutrients to heal from fracture pain and makes bones strong .

·          Guggul extracts, which is known to relieve broken bones, fractures. It is a wonderful herbal formula which is used to enhance calcium deposition on bones.

·         It provides all the nutrients to bones for faster recovery

·         Hadjod, which is a very good herb for bones and fracture healing. Helps the bones to heal and recover in short period of time.