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Comfort Eye Drops

Weight : 20 ML

Description :

Dust particles in the air often goes into eyes and creates irritation in the eye. It just because eyes are very sensitive organ in our body. Hence any eye problems leads to great discomfort to the sufferer. Comfort Eye Drops helps in solving these irritation problems. Comfort is a wonderful ayurvedic eye drops manufactured for treatment of eyes problems. Comfort helps to clean the dust and foreign bodies from eyes and helps to give clear vision. It is a natural eye drops that helps to keep eyes healthy. People of all age can use this herbal eye drops.


Dosage -   As directed by physicians.

  • This is an herbal eyes drops with no side effects.
  • Comfort eye drops are herbal remedy for old people who suffer from vision problems due to age.
  • Comfort eye drops gives relief from eye strain due to working long hours in front of the computer.
  • Comfort is beneficial in eye infection.
  • Comfort gives relief in pain to eyes due to it’s over use.
  • Overstraining of eyes can also cause watering from eyes and continuous use of Comfort will help to get rid of all signs and symptoms.