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2B-Actif Sachets

Weight : 28 sachets

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  Nano – Curcumin – The Magical herb

·         Turmeric, having various benefits, is a strong anti-oxidant &anti-inflammatory herb.

·         However, turmeric gets less absorbed in body.

·         Curcumin is the extract of turmeric that is responsible for its characteristics.

·         Nano- curcumin is modified form of curcumin, having particle size of 50-100 microns.

·         When mixed with piperine (Kali mirch ext.), body absorption of Nano-curcumin becomes 2000% more than that of plain turmeric or curcumin.

·         Thus, Nano-curcumin is far more effective than plain turmeric or curcumin.


The story of Nano-curcumin starts with the storyturmeric’s poor absorption in our body.

Turmeric is an essentialmedicinal herb which has been used since centuries to treat several diseases.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric thatis responsible for its characteristic colour, odour and therapeutic properties.

However, due to its poor solubility, rapid metabolismand bad pharmacokinetics, curcumin loses its efficacy.

Here comes nanotechnology to the rescue.

Nano-curcumin is a modified form of curcumin in which the curcumin particles are transformed into nanoparticles that are more soluble and deliverable in the body.

These particles have been shown to be more targeted to the tissue of interest that leads to better drug delivery and faster treatment without any wastage or side effects.









Few advantages among many:

1.       Anti-Oxidant

2.       Anti – Inflammatory

3.       Anti-Ageing

4.    Anti-Cancer, lowers risk of heart disease, prevents and treats Alzheimer’s disease etc.